How GOAT Has Used MoonClerk To Double Its Monthly Donor Base

GOAT nonprofit donation testimonial for MoonClerk

GOAT (Great Outdoor Adventure Trips) is a non-profit that takes under-resourced and at-risk kids on awesome outdoor trips. Through their network of loyal donors, they’ve kept their adventures, training and mentoring free for these kids. In fact, they’ve never had to turn a student away for financial reasons.

GOAT was also one of our very first beta customers before we even launched MoonClerk to the public.

Hear what Founder and Executive Director of GOAT, Ryan McCrary, has to say about his nonprofit and how MoonClerk helped double his monthly donor base.

When we first started talking to Ryan about his online fundraising system at GOAT, he was looking for a better way to manage his donations, specifically recurring donations. Over a year later, he now says, “We use MoonClerk for all of our donations. In the last year we’ve increased our monthly donations by 42% and almost doubled the amount of monthly donors that we have,  just through changing that system (to MoonClerk) and rebranding our monthly donor system.”

Ryan did a great job of branding his monthly donor program through what’s called, “The Tribe.” We encourage you to take a look at The Tribe on his website for a great example of how to run and brand a monthly giving program. He’s created different giving levels and specifies what each giving level allows his organization to accomplish in order to reach its goals.

Regarding how MoonClerk fits into “The Tribe” monthly giving program, Ryan says, “It’s the easiest thing that we’ve found to be able to specifically accept recurring donations and that’s something that we’ve been targeting for the last year.”

Ryan had used other systems in the past but says, “In our old system, it was really hard how we had to get monthly donors to sign up. They had to use weird terms like ‘subscriptions’ and they had to sign up for accounts with other providers. This way there’s no third party account they have to sign up for. It’s all directly through what appears to be GOAT to them. It’s just a lot easier now. It’s easier for our donors. It’s easier for us.”

If you’re interested in learning more about GOAT, we encourage you to visit their website.

If you’re interested in learning how MoonClerk can help your nonprofit with its online donations, we encourage you to visit our nonprofit page or to get in touch with us.